Other Projects

I am interested in the regulation and governance of new and emerging technologies, as well as governance in future spaces.

I am also participating in the CYDIPLO project, which explores ‘the emerging field of cyberdiplomacy, in the EU and with key strategic partners. Drawing on perspectives from computer science, political science, law, and behavioural science, it explores a variety of questions, including, how is cyberdiplomacy implemented at the state, non-state, regional and global levels across key issue areas?’ For more information see https://cyberdiplomacy.net

I am also on the Advisory Board for the ConnecteDNA project and also on the Ethics Advisory Board for the SEURO (Scaling EUROpean citizen driven transferable and transformative digital health) project.

I have participated in the Technology for Legal Education New Zealand TeLENZ project.

Andelka M. Phillips and I. S. Mian, ‘Governance and Assessment of Future Spaces: A Discussion of Some Issues Raised by the Possibilities of Human–Machine Mergers’ (9 October 2019) Development: Dialogue Section doi: https://doi.org/10.1057/s41301-019-00208-1Sharing link to full text

Grant received from BILETA (2018) Dr Andelka M. Phillips, Dr Marina Chang, Dr Claudio Lombardi, and Dr I.S. Mian – Report available here

Andelka M Phillips and I S Mian, ‘Governance and of Future Spaces: A Discussion of Some Issues Raised by the Possibilities of Human-Machine Mergers’, discussion paper for Data For Policy Government by Algorithm? Conference, London, September 6th to 7th, 2017. Data_for_Policy_2017_paper_53  – link to conference website