Hi, welcome to my website. I am Dr Andelka M Phillips and this is my personal website. 

I am a writer and an academic interested in Information Technology Law and Health and Medical Law. I have created this page primarily to make more of my work accessible. Much of my recent work has been concerned with the regulation of direct-to-consumer genetic tests, examining the industry’s use of wrap contracts (browsewrap and clickwrap) and I am also very interested in the uses and storage of genetic and genomic data, as well as genetic privacy.

I have just started a new role as Senior Lecturer in Law, Science and Technology in the TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland (January 2022). I am also a Research Affiliate/ Associate at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX).

I was formerly a Senior Lecturer at Te Piringa – Faculty of Law, University of Waikato.

As of July 2020, I am an Associate Editor for the Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand (JRSNZ).

I am a member of the New Zealand Privacy Foundation and have participated in the Technology in Legal Education New Zealand (TeLENZproject.

July 2021 – Purchasing Buying Your Self on the Internet: Wrap Contracts and Personal Genomics in New Zealand – if you are based in New Zealand and would like to purchase this, it is now available through Jason Books. This is the link to the paperback edition and this is the hardback.

17 April 2020 update:

I am pleased to announce that the electronic version of Buying Your Self on the Internet is now available through JStor – here is the link https://www.jstor.org/stable/10.3366/j.ctvnjbgvb

Brief overview:

My book entitled Buying Your Self on the Internet: Wrap Contracts and Personal Genomics has just been published Edinburgh University Press as the first volume in their Future Law series in July 2019. The book is available through Edinburgh University Press, Book Depository and Amazon UK. You can download a flyer with a discount code for ordering this book at the bottom of this page. 

I have also co-edited with Professor Jonathan Herring and Professor Thana C de Campos Philosophical Foundations of Medical Law which is a volume in Oxford University Press’ Philosophical Foundations of Law series. This was published on the 21st of November 2019. It is available as an ebook through Apple Books and Google Books. Google Books has a free preview available.

I am interested in a wide range of topics including: electronic contracts (wrap contracts), consumer protection, artificial intelligence and regulation of robotics, emerging technologies in healthcare (including wearables and implants), surveillance technologies, synthetic biology, cyber security, privacy and data protection, responsible innovation, and the regulation of emerging and disruptive technologies, especially developments in the Internet of Things and smart computing systems.

I am also particularly interested in governance of future spaces and the societal impact of new, emerging, and disruptive technologies.

I was previously the Ussher Assistant Professor in Information Technology Law at Trinity College Dublin and the Convenor of Trinity College Dublin Law School’s Technology, Law and Society Research Group. I have also taught at the University of Oxford and the University of Auckland.

I completed my doctoral degree at the University of Oxford and my LLM(1st Class Honours) at the University of Auckland. While at Oxford, I convened the Oxford Medical Law and Ethics Discussion Group and the Oxford Privacy Information Law and Society Discussion Group. I was also the General Editor of the Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal. See here for the latest issue of the journal.



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