Recent Publications

Andelka M. Phillips, ‘Buying Your Genetic Self Online: Pitfalls and Potential Reforms in DNA Testing’ (May/June 2019) IEEE Security and Privacy 77-81 doi:10.1109/MSEC.2019.2904128 -the accepted version is also available on the Privacy Foundation’s website here

Andelka M Phillips,  ‘Genetics goes online – privacy in the world of personal genomics’ (October 2018) PL&B International,  file link

Andelka M Phillips, ‘Reading the Fine Print When Buying Your Genetic Self Online: Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Terms and Conditions (2017) New Genetics and Society 36(3) 273-295 

Andelka M Phillips and I S Mian, ‘Governance and of Future Spaces: A Discussion of Some Issues Raised by the Possibilities of Human-Machine Mergers’, discussion paper for Data For Policy Government by Algorithm? Conference, London, September 6th to 7th, 2017. Data_for_Policy_2017_paper_53  – link to conference website

L Kalokairinou, HC Howard, et al, AM Phillips,14Legislation of direct-to-consumer genetic testing in Europe: a fragmented regulatory landscape’ J Community Genet (2017). DOI 10.1007-s12687-017-0344-2-2

Andelka M Phillips, ‘Märkte für genetische Information’, (September 2016) –  translated into German. Märkte für genetische Information | Gen-ethisches Netzwerk e.V.

Andelka M Phillips, ‘Only a Click Away – DTC Genetics for Ancestry, Health, Love… and More: A View of the Business and Regulatory Landscape’ (2016) 8 Applied & Translational Genomics 16-22Only A Click Away 

Jane Kaye, Jessica Bell, Colin Mitchell, Andelka M Phillips, and Sonja Myhre, ‘Registries Governance Guidance Toolkit’ (version 2, 9 June 2016)

Andelka M Phillips, Cyber Risk and Connected/Autonomous Vehicles Workshop – A Summary Report for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles workshop  held in Oxford 22 February 2016. – this report was made available to conference participants, but it is not publicly available.

Andelka M Phillips, ‘Take an online DNA test and you could be revealing far more than you realise’  The Conversation (12 January 2016).

Andelka M Phillips, ‘Genomic Privacy and Direct-to-Consumer Genetics – Big Consumer Genetic Data – What’s in that Contract?’ (presented at GenoPri’15 (The 2nd Workshop on Genome Privacy and Security) and published as part of IEEE Conference Proceedings 2015) Genomic Privacy GenoPri

Andelka M Phillips and Jan Charbonneau, ‘From the Lab to the Market‘ (2015) GeneWatch 28-3 Oct-Dec 2015.- Link to full issue

Andelka M Phillips, ‘Direct-to-consumer genetic tests – more than just a question of health’ (December 2015) BioNews

Andelka M Phillips, ‘Think Before You Click – Ordering a Genetic Test Online’ (Winter 2015) The SciTech Lawyer 11(2). Think before you click

Andelka M Phillips, ‘A Legal Review of Legislation, Regulation, and Guidelines for the Harmonised Reproductive Health Registries Initiative (hRHR)’ (August 2012)