Upcoming talks and activity:

Andelka M. Philips, ‘Genetic testing kits: Privacy, secondary use and other legal risks’ Privacy Laws & Business 31st Annual International Conference Navigating GDPR: The art of the possible (2-4 July 2018, St. John’s College, Cambridge) – I am speaking on the 2nd of July. (Link to conference programme)

Member of the Programme Committee for ​the 5th International Workshop on  ​Genome Privacy and Security (GenoPri’18) (link to conference website)

Past talks:

Invited seminar for the University College London’s (UCL) Information Security Group (Department of Computer Science) ACE Seminar Series, entitledOf Contracts and DNA – Reading the fine print when buying your genetic self online’, -this has been rescheduled. It will now be held on the 17th of May 2018. See here for further details Of Contracts and DNA – Reading the fine print when buying your genetic self online

Invited lecture entitled ‘Buying Your Self on the Internet: Wrap Contracts and Personal Genomics’ for Peter A Allard School of Law Faculty Colloquium, Peter A Allard School of Law, UBC, 4th January, 2018

Andelka M. Phillips and I.S. Mian, ‘Governance and Assessment of Future Spaces: A Discussion of Some Issues Raised by the Possibilities of Human-Machine Mergers’, conference presentation for Data For Policy Government by Algorithm? Conference, London, September 6th to 7th, 2017. This is joint work, but I was the sole speaker. Link

Invited seminar for the University of Toronto’s Health Law, Ethics & Policy Seminar Series ‘Contracting Away DNA – Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests for Health, Love, and More…’ (17 November 2016).

Invited seminar for Oxford’s Medical Law and Ethics Discussion Group, ‘Buying your Self on the Internet: Wrap Contracts and Personal Genomics’ (26 October 2016)

Andelka M. Phillips and I. S. Mian, ‘I should probably tell the fridge to stop looking at me because the toaster is getting jealous’ – presentation at GikII London (30 September 2016)

Invited Seminar for the University of Edinburgh’s IP/IT/Media Law Discussion Group, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee! A FLE5SH approach to new and emerging technologies … beyond “Responsible Research and Innovation (Edinburgh Law Faculty, 8th February 2016)  –  joint work with Professor I. S. Mian and Jan Charbonneau, but I was the sole presenter.

Andelka M. Phillips and Jan Charbonneau, ‘Giving away more than your genome sequence?: Privacy in the Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Space’ American Federal Trade Commission’s PrivacyCon (January 2016).

Presentation at Gikii conference, Andelka M. Phillips, I.S. Mian and J. Charbonneau, ‘Molecule say ‘hello’ to molecule’: Technological Innovation under the Microscope (24th September 2015, Berlin).

Invited Workshop leader with Teresa Finlay for HeLEX’s Translation in Healthcare – Exploring the Impact of Emerging Technologies conference, ‘DNA a click away: “agreements” in DTCGT’ (25th June 2015).

Invited Presentation at King’s College London, ‘Combing through the fine print – a journey into the world of DTC Genetic Testing Contracts’ (19th June 2015).

Presentation at GenoPri (The 2nd Workshop on Genome Privacy and Security), ‘Genomic Privacy and Direct-to-Consumer Genetics – Big Consumer Genetic Data – What’s in that Contract?’, (San Jose, 21st May 2015).

Presentation at NDPH Symposium, ‘Don’t think, just click – a quick walk through the typical DTC genetics contract’ (Nuffield Department of Population Health Annual Symposium, 14th January 2015).